Caroline Flack hits out at man who mocked her on Facebook

Caroline Flack hits out at man who mocked her on Facebook

Caroline Flack spoke about Richard Skinner's decision to accept a further prosecution as a "kind of social media" response. He was taken to court in January after he mocked Miss Flack on Facebook in 2018.

He sparked outrage by pretending to be the presenter in a comment underneath a YouTube video of her. He then doubled down in a now deleted comment.

In October 2018, he issued a grovelling apology which he hoped would end the furore.

However, only weeks later, his solicitor said: 'His position remains unchanged and that is that he regrets any distress and upset caused to Caroline Flack and her friends.

'He now wishes to put this episode behind him and wishes to put this matter behind him and moves on.'

The date of the incident came less than a year after two other trolls were prosecuted for similar, unsavoury abuse posted on the Miss England Facebook page, which was intended to humiliate.

Instead, they encouraged the judgements made by judges at Bristol Crown Court to pass on social media as an 'early success'.

Miss Flack also pointed out that the record-breaking popularity of Strictly Come Dancing contributed to the decision to prosecute the men.

She said it provided a greater number of people who might have been criticised publicly with a platform to air their views.

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