Childcare designed for babies and toddlers in the bathroom

Childcare designed for babies and toddlers in the bathroom

Kelly Boswell with her one-year-old daughter Chloe Kelti

Families go crazy for babywearing - and the trend is clearly spreading to youngsters.

A nursery nurse has created an ingenious soft play area in her kitchen for her one-year-old daughter Chloe Kelti.

Butler, Monmouthshire, woman Kelly Boswell says her nursery trickery saves the cost of hiring expensive premises to keep Chloe entertained.

Kelly - who also has a five-year-old son - said: 'Having two young children myself, I know how frustrating it can be trying to find one place for an active child.

'Chloe was a bit old for a climbing frame so we had to find somewhere to go with her that was suitable, but I had a real problem with anything in our lounge, or in the garden.

'My partner and I have always had such nice bathrooms, so we felt like we should be able to keep our children safe there, but were struggling to find something safe for her other than a bouncy seat.

'Without any real hints or tips, I just built her a simple soft play area which no one could even see through the kitchen windows, and she was just loving it.'

Chloe enjoys her custom-made pillow fort, which rests up against the back of a cupboard or in the corner of a kitchen table

Chloe is so comfortable on her customised beds that she plonks down on the inflatable cushions when they are moved - although she often climbs back up to sit on the shelves when she gets bored.

'She's becoming quite a tomboy - it has been fun and she loves my customised slippers that I bought for her too,' said Kelly.

'We spent a few hours with our son creating a woodland den, and now we have a soft play area that no one would see through the windows.

She says the soft play area is cheaper to run than a nursery and she has never needed to hire out space

'I could only see the beginning of the pile of toys at the top of the stairs so we were forced to get the flat in order first.

'Chloe can still play outside the bedroom and there is always a mirror in the kitchen to let her check herself, but it is not quite as organised.'

Kelly says she has never needed to hire out a nursery, and her children spend their days in the comfort of their own home.

The hardworking mother says the nursery is cheap to run and doesn't need constant security, because Chloe doesn't run away, yet.

She said: 'The way the furniture and furniture cushion is constructed so that it's a normal silhouette around the space.

'You can get it replicated from online and I love it because I can sit in the garden and just look through the window at Chloe, who doesn't seem to realise what I'm up to.

'Without it I think she would have found a way out, or climbed through the window and tried to come in.'

And is appreciative of her parents for lending their kitchen to make the project happen.

'It is in an unoccupied part of the house and it is the perfect spot for something creative like this to be set up,' Kelly said.

'We are not bound by where we live or our need for space, I just go for what feels right and we end up making it work for ourselves.'

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