Disgraced millionaire to be evicted from Georgian mansion because he refuses to pay rent

Disgraced millionaire to be evicted from Georgian mansion because he refuses to pay rent

Millionaire businessman has been evicted from a Georgian estate used as a home to Henry VIII's mistress and was seeking a judicial review of her eviction ruling

A millionaire businessman who refuses to pay rent on a Georgian estate used as a home to Henry VIII's mistress is being evicted.

Andrew Scott-Kennedy, 49, uses the 12th century mansion in the Dorset town of Blandford as his base for his online businesses.

He has refused to pay the £12,000 annual rent after demand by property owners, the Stephens family.

The outspoken multi-millionaire, who claims to earn £60million and owns five homes, has even admitted using properties to help launder money.

South Dorset District Council have issued the first eviction order against Mr Scott-Kennedy, who is being represented by Solicitors Linklaters.

Last November his solicitors were told there would be an eviction through a possession order after a court ruled he did not live in the property legally.

It is thought they are also looking to evict Mr Scott-Kennedy from his £1.6million property in Easton, the home of Henry VIII's first wife Jane Seymour.

Mr Scott-Kennedy has been a regular visitor to the grounds of Aldershot House and was even asked to show his digital camera, which was confiscated when the holding was closed, in court to prove he lived there.

Following the application for a possession order, district judge Ian Slater was told by his legal team, that his stay of execution had been 'terminated' and they would be attempting to have the court order enforced.

But he was still determined to have 'an assessment' of the property by county court bailiffs, and said he would be claiming costs.

The premises will be handed over to the holding company that owns the property and the owners of the keys to ensure the property is not damaged.

A refusal to pay the annual rent in 2016 has been taken against his company, Brother & Son Ltd, after the Stephens's had the principle conserved by the court.

But then Mr Scott-Kennedy was granted permission by the court to move into the property which was gazetted off limits last year after a High Court judge ruled in favour of the law lords ruling the use of the property by a single tenant for any length of time is an abuse of the planning laws.

Abed Lukian's two houses in Aldershot are owned by Crown Land Investments Limited

Unhappy: Richard Stevens (pictured with former girlfriend Sarah Beilby)

Former home: Sarah (pictured with Richard Stevens in the shed) first bought the House of Tappin in 2003 and tried to sell it again last month for £1.5million

But the groundsmen who live there still work there during the winter months.

Crown Land Investments Limited was formed in February 2005 to purchase the Aldershot House Holding and be the sole owner and operator of the house.

Since that date the holders of the tenancy agreement have been Andrew Scott-Kennedy, who did not wish to be named, and his company Brother & Son Ltd.

Mr Stephens said: 'Under the agreement the lease was firstly cancelled by itself after the grant of possession. Then the warrant was issued to remove the occupier. We have since then been aware that Mr Scott-Kennedy has been ordering his family members to pay for the maintenance of the grounds.

'On the 13th January the court refused to appoint a person to act as administrator of the house to protect and preserve the site pending the outcome of a determination on his application for possession order.

'This result means that to date, Mr Scott-Kennedy is liable for the debt, which when added to the previous 12-month rent arrears makes the amount owed £12,000.

'We have served notice on Mr Scott-Kennedy of the intention to serve him with the possession order. We also serve notice on him for compensation for the above above facts.

'The reason why we retain the deeds of the house is to prevent the sale of the property which would result in the subsequent loss of the homes of the estate's valued tenants. We are unable to let the property in its current state due to its isolation and serious environmental issues.

'Mr Scott-Kennedy has repeatedly evaded paying his contractual rent obligations and continues to trespass on and cause damage to the grounds of the house. We have caused the property to be closed to allow emergency repairs and maintenance to take place.'

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