Lord Bramall's son: Police should 'stop the witch hunt'

Lord Bramall's son: Police should 'stop the witch hunt'

Lord Bramall was arrested in November 2016 by counter-terror police investigating claims

The son of late former Lord Bramall has said the ‘witch hunt’ into alleged child sex abuse in Westminster and elsewhere must stop.

John Bramall, son of the late former First Lord of the Defence Staff, said the Government had failed to act over calls for a full police inquiry.

The 3,200-word Police Complaints Authority report on Operation Midland, known as the Savile inquiry, claims it was triggered by false allegations about sex assaults on alleged victims linked to the murder of special forces officer Kim Williams.

A statement on behalf of the Bramall family said: ‘The release of the IPCC investigation into Operation Midland confirms the stench of a massive cover-up which has pervaded Operation Midland and served to weaken it.

‘The now widely known lack of evidence against Lord Bramall and other dead subjects of the inquiry has been fully acknowledged by the inquiry’s chief, Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Altman, on many occasions.

‘The collapse of the inquiry has also caused the same individuals in power, senior police and politics, to become so rattled that they are now carrying out their own counter-revelations to damage, discredit and discredit defence figures who might be called as witnesses in other enquiries.’

The Bramall family said that 12 months after Operation Midland was announced in November 2016, 11 alleged sexual abusers are still living free.

‘In the absence of any action, the “witch hunt” must stop,’ the statement said.

‘We are profoundly sorry that as children we came to Westminster to escape the abuse, an abuse carried out under a cloak of secrecy which we and our families have campaigned tirelessly to expose.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe announced an investigation into Operation Midland in November 2016

‘What happened to us was wrong, and yet despite the wish to reflect these failures in Parliament the Government has not taken any action to ensure that this never happens again. The forces responsible must put an end to Operation Midland, and the cover-up.’

Meanwhile, Dame Esther Rantzen said police should take no action until the IPCC has made recommendations.

In an article for Sunday Times Sunday Magazine, the television presenter wrote: ‘The CPS had to deal with 2,800 such cases in the last year of Theresa May’s tenure and 12 of those involved Roy Moore.

‘Every one of these cases cost the taxpayer £25,000 in legal fees and 13 were thrown out. We have to make sure we do not waste taxpayers’ money on these nonsense cases, not in the least of which they are hugely expensive, extremely damaging and virtually impossible to win.

'No-one on trial should stand trial, no politician should face charges, the police must call off this charade.’

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